Chemigem D10V Chemical Automatic Dosing System

The Chemigem D10 is suitable for domestic pools of all shapes and sizes and gives you total control over sanitizer levels and pH.

The Chemigem uses a multi-electrode (probe) to analyse water quality whenever the system is running and adds precise doses of chlorine and acid to maintain optimum water quality.


The Chemigem D10 Water Management System measures water quality and adds precise doses of chemicals to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in. With a Chemigem, the “hit and miss” methods of dosing by hand are a thing of the past. Pool water chemistry is regulated automatically – providing optimum levels of water sanitation while using less chlorine and acid.

D10 valve models are the fastest way to sanitise any swimming pool

• The D10VP model has the ability to control salt pools via the AUX menu

D10 Dual Valve-Chlorine and pH controller suitable for most pools, with built-in pool circulation pump timer.

Whenever your pump is running, your Chemigem is working. The Chemigem tests the water continuously and can add precise doses of chemicals over 30 times each hour if required. The Chemigem measures pH (a measure of the acidity of pool water) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential – a measure of the level of effective chlorine in the water.

The Chemigem D10 is covered by a full 3 year Manufacturer’s warranty from Pool Controls