Davey Cartridge Element Generic 1500 L=572mm Diameter 228mm HD=102mm

$159.00 (including GST)

Premium Replacement EC/CF 1500 to suit Davey Cartridge Filter 39150, Q2313

Diameter:                228mm

Length:                    572mm

Hole Diameter:       102mm

Photo as a guide only, not specific to this filter element


Suits Easy Clear and crystal clear


Cleaning your Cartridge Filter

  • Take-out cartridge and hose filter elements to remove any loose debris.
  • Add 250g of a filter cleaner product to 50L of water in a garbage bin (or similar).
  • Place the filter elements in to diluted product solution.
  • Allow to soak for 24 hours for best results.
  • Rinse thoroughly and reassemble filter, then resume normal filtration.

Dosage rates indicated are a guide only.  Please refer to the label for further instructions and come in store for professional advice.

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