Hydrostorm ECO-V 100 Energy Saving Pool Pump

Hydrostorm ECO-V 100 is designed to have all the extra power you need to cope with modern day swimming pool designs, but is equipped with an energy saving variable speed motor that offers the finest adjustment in operating speed with 25 RPM increments, allowing fine tuning of the pump’s motor speed to perfectly match the flow requirements of the swimming pool, maximising energy savings and minimising pump noise.

  • Energy Rating of 8 Stars
  • Variable permanent magnet brushless DC motor
  • Ultra quiet operation

1. 3 speed control panel, IP55 rating

2. Permanent magnet brushless 3 speed DC motor

3. UV stabilised & corrosion resistant

4. 50mm quick connect barrel unions for UPVC pipe

5. Clear basket lid & large 2.1lt strainer basket

6. High grade carbon/ graphite mechanical seal with 316 stainless steel spring assembly

7. Strong single piece glass filled thermoplastic pump body

8. Drain plugs

9. Stable support base

10. Hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser design

11. Fan cooled thermal overload protection

12. Motor protection bracket protects the motor from a leaking mechanical seal

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