Zodiac Nature 2 Express Pool Water Purifier 50mm

$199.00 (including GST)

Free delivery in WA for postcodes up to 6699 ($19 elsewhere in Australia)



  • Automatically disperses silver and copper ions that maintain water quality.
  • Maintains a stronger, healthier pH balance in your pool.
  • Only minimum chlorine level (1ppm) required.
  • Reduces stinging eyes and skin irritation.
  • No moving parts or electricity required.


To maintain optimal performance from Nature2 Express pool water purifier, we recommend replacing the cartridge every 6 months. Simply unscrew the lid to remove and replace the cartridge.


PIPE SIZE:  50mm for outside diameter measures around 59.5mm

Please note 40mm size is the most common, and outside diameter measures approximately 48mm

The best way to find your pipe size is to see if any pipe on your pool equipment is stamped with the size (often 40mm or 50mm is stamped on the pipe length).

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