More people than ever before are researching pool heating. With people wanting to make the most of their investment in their pool, one way to do this is to increase the amounts of time you can swim in the pool.


There are three main ways to heat your pool:

  1. There is solar heating which requires matting on the roof and a pump and controller to run the system; this works well when the sun is out.
  2. There is also gas heating. This heats quicker than most methods and works very well on spas and small volumes of water or for people who only use the pool occasionally.
  3. The final method to heat the pool is currently the one most customers enquire about, which are the heat pumps; due to how efficient they are and how well they work at any time of the year.


Heat pump popularity has risen greatly here in Perth over the last several years, as their efficiency means you can heat your pool without exorbitant power bills. They work just like a reverse cycle air-conditioner, they extract ambient heat from the atmosphere, which is then transferred to the pool water. They use a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat, compared to gas. They do work most effectively when you also have a pool cover.


There are a great number of sizes and models, so you are best to get expert advice on the best size for your requirements. Experts will ask for details such as how many months a year you want to swim, what temperature you prefer (most of our customers choose 26-28 degrees), if you have a pool cover, how large the pool is, how much wind exposure there is around the pool area and several other details that will provide you with the best size unit to suit your needs.


If you are here in Perth and need advice on a heat pump, feel welcome to email me at and I can send you a sizing form and advise you on the most suitable size for your pool; then quote you suitable models.


We have several on display at our shop in Claremont. Please feel free to come in store and check them out!